Sage Pesto

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Celleriac Soup with Roasted White Beans and Sage Pesto

Sage isn’t the first herb you’d think of for eating Raw and as a Pesto, but it works really well when Paired with a creamy Celeriac Soup, or with mixed into Hot Boiled Potatoes. It’s best to use really fresh Leaves here to avoid the Pesto being Bitter.


30 g Sage, just the Leaves

70 g Olive Oil

110 g Almonds / ground Almonds

2 Tsp Lemon Juice

1 Tsp Salt

Pinch of Sugar

Freshly Ground Pepper


Pick the Leaves of the Sage from the Stems, until you have 30 g. Finely chop the Leaves.

If using Whole Almonds, place them in a small Mixer and blend until they are finely Ground.

Add all the Ingredients to the small Blender, or alternatively to a Measuring Jug if using a Hand Blender to make the Pesto.

Blend the Ingredients quickly until you have a creamy Pesto. You don’t want to over Blend here, it will make the Leaves Bitter. Check for Seasoning. The Pesto works well in Soups, with Pasta, mixed into boiled Potatoes, or as a sandwich Filler with a creamy Cheese.

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  1. Andrea from Mainz
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    Dear Hannah, i was at Valicone last year and i am so pleased to find your recipes here.(with a little help from Ulrike). Hope you are fine! I will try the pesto wird sage, that sounds great.
    Best wishes Andrea

    • Hannah
      | Reply

      Dear Andrea
      Lovely to hear from you! I am very well, thank you! Enjoy the Sage Pesto.
      All the best, Hannah

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