The Right Consistency

Let’s Cook Together! Whether it’s Italian, Indian, Spanish, Vegetarian, Vegan, British, Fish or Baden, all Food is made for Sharing.

I’ll come to your Home, with Recipes, essential Equipment and Know How. With all the Ingredients organised, and Drinks ready, we’ll Cook and Eat together a 3 – 4 Course Menu. It’s a chance to learn new Culinary Skills and Techniques, or venture into a different Direction of Cooking and Flavours. In the Kitchen and at the Meal Table is such a great way to spend Time with your Friends, Family or Colleagues. Maybe even invite a few Guests over, and Show Off what you have learnt straight away!

All Courses are available in German, and I can accommodate the Class to your Dietary Needs, Available Time, and Kitchen space!

Please contact me over the Homepage, if you Interested in a Cooking Class, and we can discuss the Options and Prices.