Vegan Mayonnaise

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Vegan Mayonnaise

Vegan Mayonnaise in my Opinion is far easier to make than the more traditional Method using Egg Yolks. And just as Yummy! Because there is no Egg in it, Soya Milk is the substitute, it keeps for Longer, and there is no Risk of Salmonella.

I have had no Luck in making it with any other Nut or Grain Based Milk, but Products change all the time so perhaps there is another Alternative out there now, but in my Experience the best Results are always with Soya Milk.

The Oil you use is also important. You need to use a neutral tasting Oil. Try your Oil first raw before mixing it into a Mayonnaise. A lot of Organic Oils taste very Strong and no amount of Garlic or Paprika will remove the unpleasant taste.

Mayonnaise is traditionally mostly made up of Oil. So delicious as it is, I wouldn’t advise that it be consumed in large Quantities or on a regular Basis, but it’s a very Versatile Dip and great Treat. Below is the Basic Recipe with a few Ideas to mix it up, but you could add almost Anything to it!


100 g Soya Milk, Room Temperature

1/2 Lemon, Juice

1 Small Garlic Glove, roughly chopped

3/4 Tsp Mustard

200 g Sunflower Oil, or any other Neutral tasting Oil

3/4 Tsp Salt


The best way to make the Mayonnaise is using a Hand blender, but could be very easily made using a Bowl, Whisk, and a bit of Elbow Grease!

In a measuring Jug add the Soya Milk, and the lemon Juice. Mix together and leave for a Minute, the Soya Milk will curdle, this is normal and essential for making the Mayonnaise.

Next add in all the other Ingredients, except the Oil, and mix together. Now slowly add in the Oil mixing the entire time. It’s important not to add in too much Oil too quickly, as it will be impossible for the Oil to Bind with the Soya Milk. As you are adding the Oil you will start to see the Soya Milk thicken. Once all the Oil has been added you will have a thick Mayonnaise that holds it’s form.

Now you have a basic Mayonnaise, which you can use as it is or start to be creative and add Flavourings.

Try adding 3/4 Tsp Smoked or regular Paprika

Finely chop lots of Fresh Herbs like Chives, Dill, Parsley and mix them in using a Spoon.

Add in more Garlic, or Lemon Juice

Or add in 1 1/2 Tbsp Wild Garlic Paste for a Green Mayonnaise

Wild Garlic Vegan Mayonnaise

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