Strawberry Jam

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Maybe the Best Strawberry Jam ever!

My soon to be Mother-In-Law has a real passion for cooking and she has a very intuitive feel for which recipes will be good. If I’m in need of a recipe I often ask her, because if she has what I’m looking for, I know it will be a great recipe, and she’s most likely already tried and tested it herself. When she sent us home with a small pot of Strawberry Jam last January, I was literally counting down the days until Strawberries came into season, and as soon as they were I was on the phone getting this recipe! It does take 3 days, but don’t let that put you off, it’s almost no work at all, and in the end you will have a Strawberry Jam like no other! The colour is a deep, sumptuous red, and the flavour is pure intense Strawberry. The original recipe, in German, can be found here. I have reduced the Sugar quantity dramatically, because Strawberries are sweet enough in my opinion especially if you are using Strawberries that are over ripe.

This makes about 4 large Jam Jars plus a small one to give away!


1,5 kg Strawberries

750 g Sugar

2 Lemons


On the first day, remove the green stems from the Strawberries, cut into quarters, place in a large bowl with the Sugar and Juice of the 2 Lemons, mix well, cover and leave overnight in the Fridge.

On day number 2, put everything into a large saucepan, and bring to boiling point stirring regularly. As soon as the first few bubbles rise up, remove the Jam from the heat, put back into the bowl, cover with a large plate or baking paper and store in the fridge overnight once cool.

On the third day, drain the Jam through a sieve. Keep the Strawberries to one side and put the Syrup into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Meanwhile put a plate into the freezer to cool down, to test the gelling point of the Jam later. Let the Jam simmer away. It should reduce down in volume and it will become a little thicker. After about 30 Minutes, take your plate out of the freezer, and put a little of the Syrup onto the plate. If it thickens, and becomes like a gel, then the Jam is ready. If it is still very runny then continue to boil. Whilst the Jam is boiling remove any white foam that is collecting at the top of the Jam with a skimmer.

Once the Syrup has the right consistency add the Strawberries to the syrup and bring to the boil again. Allow to boil for a few further minutes before removing from the heat.

Jar it up in sterilised Jars whilst it’s still hot. I use Jars that have been through the Dishwasher, and then I place them in the Oven at 100 Degrees for 10 Minutes, I fill the hot Jars with the hot Jam and then seal.

If you want to add a little Spice to your Jam, add some freshly ground Black Pepper, or if you have some Long Pepper that would work really well too. Add enough so that the Spice just comes out in the background, but does not over power. Just keep trying the Jam until you have the right amount.

If you make this recipe, do let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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  1. MiL
    | Reply

    Liebe Hannah, wunderbar, dass ihr die Erdbeerzeit nun noch länger genießen könnt!
    Ich finde es super, wenn die Jam nicht so süß ist und hoffe, dass ich probieren darf.
    Das Foto ist mmmh und dein Blog ist ein Traum!
    Vielen Dank auch für deine warmen Worte :*)
    Bis bald mit den allerbesten Wünschen
    Claudia (MiL)

    • Hannah
      | Reply

      Vielen Dank liebe Claudia! Am besten möchte ich dass Du die Jam mit Scones probierst! Das kriegen wir hoffentlich bald hin.
      Liebe Grüße Hannah

  2. Sheila
    | Reply

    Made this jam today, I had a little sample taste and it is really the taste (and smell) of summer even on what is a dull and damp June day. My only issue was my fruit floated to the top of the jars, but having googled this it is not an uncommon problem with strawberry jam.

    I’ll need to make scones and purchase clotted cream now to go with it!

    • Hannah
      | Reply

      I turned the jars upside down whilst they were cooling and this helped the fruit to not all be at the top once cooled. Yes with Scones and Clotted cream is the best!!! Can you bring some over to Germany please!

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