Wild Garlic Focaccia

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Wild Garlic Focaccia

This Focaccia is quick, fluffy, moist and very addictive. It can be ready in two hours, is very adaptable, and is a wonderful Food to share. I used my home-made Wild Garlic Oil, but any Herby Oil would work well here. Check out the Recipe for Dill and Parsley Oil for an alternative.

Serves 8


600 g Spelt Flour 1050

300 g Water

42 g Fresh Yeast

2 Tsp Sugar

1 1/2 Tsp Salt

4 Tbsp Wild Garlic Oil, see Below

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

+ an extra 5 Tbsp Olive Oil

Fleur de Sel to Garnish


To prepare the Dough add 300 g lukewarm Water to a measuring Jug, crumble in the Fresh Yeast, add the Sugar, Salt, the Wild Garlic Oil and 2 Tbsp Olive Oil and mix by spinning a Whisk between the Palms of your Hands.

In a large Plastic Bowl, add the Flour, and make a Well in the middle. Add in the Water and using a Knife bring the Water and Flour together. When you have a rough mass, put it all onto a Work Surface. The Dough will be very sticky but please refrain from adding any more Flour to the Mixture. Now knead the Dough as best you can for 5 Minutes, slap the Dough, stretch it, try to manoeuvrer it as you normally would whilst kneading. You will start to see the gluten working as you push and pull the Dough. It will also get smoother in consistency.

After about 5 Minutes, use a Dough Scraper to get all of the Dough back into the Plastic Bowl. Cover with a Tea Towel and leave in a warm Place for an Hour.

The Dough should have Doubled in Size. Use a Form about 25 cm by 35 cm. Line it with Baking Paper and then place the Dough in the Form. Using your Fingers spread the Dough evenly out. Cover again with a Tea Towel and allow to Rise again.

Preheat the Oven to 180 Degrees.

Using a Cocktail Stick carefully make lots of Holes in the Dough. Using a Spoon, pour over the remaining 5 Tbsp Olive Oil, and give the Focaccia a good sprinkling of Fleur de Sel. Place in the Oven and bake for 20 – 25 Minutes until Golden Brown and Crisp on top.

Serve warm with a great Olive Oil, as an Appetiser, or as an accompaniment to Lunch or Dinner. I served mine with Braised Fennel and Roasts Colourful Carrots.

If you have made this recipe, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Wild Garlic Oil

Bear’s Leek

In German the name for Wild Garlic is Bärlauch, or Bear’s Leek, a funny Name indeed. Wild Garlic is for me the first signs of Spring, I love to be bombarded with Wafts of Garlic when I’m out Hiking in Woodland Areas.

The Season is very short, and there is only so much Wild Garlic you can eat in one go, so making a batch of Oil, or Paste, and freezing it, means you can enjoy it later on in the Year too. It’s great in Mayonnaise for those BBQs in the Summer.


A large Bunch of Wild Garlic

Sunflower Oil


Wash the Wild Garlic and Dry in a Salad Spinner. Roughly Chop the Leaves and add to a Blender, now add a 1/3 of the amount in Oil. Blend until you have a rough Paste, add more Oil if it’s difficult to Blend. Divide between sterile Glass Jars and keep a Glass in the Fridge and freeze the Rest.

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