What’s the reasoning behind this Website?

Ever since I started working in the kitchen I’ve always wanted to not only tell the people where I source my produce but actually show them. I wanted to be able to combine my love for Photography (you can see more of that here if you like) with my love for Food, I wanted to show behind the scenes, and have a visual record of how I am developing as a chef. This website was originally intended for my little company Kraut und Rueben Catering but I just never managed to sit down and put all this material onto one platform. I feel like it would be a huge shame if I didn’t finally do what I’ve been intending to do for so many years. Since Kraut und Rueben was really just a company name for myself Hannah Huddy, and since my name is the only thing that has not changed over the last 32 years I decided I would change the name of the site to my name. It’s a work in progress, it’s a bit higgledy-piggledy – meaning there is no particular order to the posts since I’m working from a backlog of 2 years or material, and eventually there will be recipes too….