Raspberry and Cashew Raw Cake

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Katja’s Birthday Cake

I literally never make cakes, but I love it when I’m asked to do one. Raw Cakes are that healthier approach to having something sweet. Due to the large amounts of Cashew Nuts and Cocoa Butter, it’s also very filling, so small slices go a long way! It can also be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it! It freezes really well, so if you make it for a sweet treat at home, just slice it up and freeze the individual slices for those days where you want to treat yourself.. If you are making it for friends or family a small cake in a tin size of about 18 cm will satisfy at least 12 people!

If you’d like to use Almonds instead of Cashews for the base that would work really well. I’ve used Tonka Bean to flavour the Cashew Cream, but if you can’t get your hands on these delicious beans, you could use a little Bitter Almond, or Vanilla to flavour the Cashew Cream. To create a lovely White Chocolate taste to this cake I’ve used Cocoa Butter, but if you prefer you could use Coconut Oil.

It’s important to soak the Cashews for the cream overnight, so that you can get the creamiest filling possible. You will need a food processor or a small mixer to get the best results in making this cake, although I have been known to use a hand blender, my hands and a good knife to make a raw cake!

A Spring form works best here, but if you don’t have one use another similar sized cake tin or baking form and make sure you line it with enough baking paper so that you can pull the cake out of the tin when it’s ready. It will also need to be quite deep.

It’s best to make the cake either a day before, or at least a few hours in advance so that it can set in the freezer or fridge.


For the Base

200 g Cashews

180 g Dates

1/5 Tonka Bean or 1/5 Vanilla Pod

Good Pinch of Salt

For the Cashew and Raspberry Cream

300 g Cashews, soaked in Water overnight

100 g Cocoa Butter

75 g Maple Syrup

2 -3 Tbsp Oat Milk

3/4 Tonka Bean

350 g Raspberries

Good Pinch of Salt

150 g Raspberries, to decorate

1 Lemon, Zest only, optional


Start by preparing your cake tin with baking paper. If you are using a spring form then you’ll just need baking paper on the base. To make the base put the 200 g of Cashews into a mixer and blend until they are fine. De-stone the Dates and add them to your mixer along with a good pinch of Salt and the freshly grated Tonka Bean or the Seeds of the Vanilla Pod. Mix well together until it creates a ball. Press the ball into the base of your form, making sure it’s evenly spread. Put the form into the freezer, or fridge to firm up.

Next make your Raspberry puree. Take 350 g of Raspberries and blend until smooth. Pour the Puree through a sieve into a bowl, and use the back of a ladle to press out all of the juice, leaving the seeds in the sieve behind. Throw the seeds away and put the puree to one side. Drain your Cashews. Put half the Cashews, along with 35 g Maple syrup, 2 Tbsp Oat Milk, 3/4 Tonka Bean finely grated and 40 g Cocoa Butter into the mixer and blend until you have a smooth cream. Add a little more Oat Milk if the texture is still a little rough and coarse. Once the Cream is smooth, take out the base and pour on the Cashew Cream, spread out evenly, and place in the freezer again.

To make the Raspberry Cream, add the remaining Cashews and Cocoa Butter to the mixer, along with the Raspberry Puree, a pinch of Salt and 40 g Maple Syrup. Blend until smooth and creamy. Take the Cake out of the freezer, scatter with half of the remaining raspberries that are there to decorate, and then pour over the Raspberry Cream. Spread out evenly and then place back in the freezer for 4 – 5 hours.

Before serving go around the edge of the tin with a knife to loosen the edges and then poop it out of the spring form. Alternatively pull up the baking paper to remove the cake from the tin. Decorate with the remaining Raspberries, I also used grated Lemon Zest and edible Flowers. Enjoy!

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  1. MiL
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    Liebe Hannah, das sieht ja wunderhübsch aus! Ich bin sicher, der Kuchen war köstlich! (Und ich muss mir merken, dass man dich nur bitten muss, damit du etwas bäckt ;))

    • Hannah
      | Reply

      hahaha, ja genau, ich bruach nur eine Bitte! Mach ich Dich gerne einen irgendwann. Es kam auf jeden fall sehr gut an. 🙂

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