Parmesan Sauce

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Parmesan Sauce

This is a very easy and delicious Sauce using essentially what would be a Waste Product. In a Household of 7 we get through quite a bit of Parmesan, so I ask everyone to save the Rinds for me. They are great for adding Depth and Flavour to Soups, Stocks and Sauces. And as a last Resort because it was a Sunday, the Shops were all closed, and I desperately wanted a Cheesy Sauce for the Gnocchi I was making, I used them as the Main Ingredient.

This Sauce would also be great with Pasta, and over Steamed Vegetables.

Serves 4 – 5


700 ml Vegetable Stock

5 Parmesan Rinds

250 ml Cream

Good Pinch of Salt


In a Saucepan place the Vegetable Stock and Parmesan Rinds. Bring to the Boil and allow to reduce down to half it’s Volume.

Once the Stock has reduced, add the Cream, bring to the Boil again and allow to Simmer for another 10 Minutes.

Strain the Sauce through a fine Sieve and season with salt to Taste. Serve warm.

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