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Zimtkartoffel – literally translated as Cinnamon Potato

I am very proud to know Lindenbrunnenhof. Otmar and Christa Binder have been passionately producing high quality Organic Produce for over 25 Years. They specialise in Potatoes and Tomatoes, and in my opinion have the best Eggs in Town. I have worked with them, I have worked for them, and I have been a regular Customer of theirs for many Years now. I have a huge Respect for all that Lindenbrunnenhof stands for – they are very Forward Thinking. They value old, unusual and foreign Varieties that you will never see in a Supermarket, and they have lots of exciting Tips for how to turn those Wonderful Veggies into even more Delicious Meals. A trip to the Market isn’t without exchanging a few Recipes!

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