Lemon Verbena Iced Tea

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Lemon Verbena and Apple Iced Tea

If you don’t know Lemon Verbena already, I highly recommend getting to know this truly AMAZING herb. First introduced to me when I was doing my apprenticeship, my teacher Basti would use it in desserts, and I used to make a cuppa Tea with it in the evenings. This year I brought a shrub that has now grown into a bush! Pick a stem, hold it up to your nose, inhale, and WOW! It has the most incredible aroma, than calms and excites you at the same time. I love introducing this herb to friends, because their reaction is almost always the same and so lovely to observe! When the day is proving tough this is, in my opinion, the Herbal Tea that can sooth and help. Otherwise it’s just a wonderful treat.

This is a great non alcoholic alternative drink to serve at parties, or to simply have to enjoy any day. The summer may be almost over but this Iced Tea should make it last a little longer! Enjoy!

Makes 6 – 8 Servings, or 2 Litres


1,5 l Water

About 15 g Lemon Verbena, about a large Handful of Leaves and Stalks

500 ml Organic, Cloudy Apple Juice

1/2 Lemon, Juice only

Maple Syrup to taste

Pinch of Salt

2 extra sprigs of Lemon Verbena, optional


Bring the Water to boil in a medium saucepan. Once it’s boiling add the Verbena Leaves and Stalks, and turn the heat off. Allow to steep for at least 30 minutes. Remove the Verbena, add the Apple Juice, Lemon Juice and a tiny pinch of Salt. Taste, and add Maple Syrup to your desired sweetness. I use the Maple Syrup really as a flavour enhancer rather than a sweetener, so I only added a couple of tablespoons, but if you like it to be a little sweeter, go for it! Pour into glass bottles and and place a sprig of Verbena into each bottle. Place in the fridge once it has cooled to room temperature. Serve in a large glass with lots of ice!

Wonderful Lemon Verbena

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  1. MiL
    | Reply

    Liebe Hannah, danke für die köstlich-sommerliche idee! Die Verveine hat mich an meine Zeit in Frankreich erinnert und dein Rezept war der Anlass, mir einen schönen Busch für die Terrasse zu holen 🙂
    Das Aroma inspirierte mich heute zu einer wunderbaren Verveine-Buttermilch-Pannacotta – delicious!

    • Hannah
      | Reply

      Schön dass Du auch jetzt den Verbeine Busch hast! Der ist so wunderschön. HHMM das hört sich sehr lecker an, der Verveine-Buttermilch-Pannacotta!! Das muss ich probieren. Danke für das mitteilen. 🙂

  2. MiL
    | Reply

    …ich meinte zu einer aromatischen Verveine-Buttermilch-Pannacotta 🙂
    Liebste Grüße!

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