Four Ways Black Forest Blackberries

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Black Forest Black Berries

I love finding Food when I’m Hiking. By the time I’ve got Home I’ve always already created a Meal in my Imagination. On a hike from Freiburg to St Peter, there were just HEAPS of Blackberries, and I actually managed to bring Home quite a lot, instead of eating them right there on the Spot.

Upside Down Blackberry, Chocolate and Almond Crumble, with a Creamy Vanilla and Blackberry Sauce, Sticky Blackberry and Rosemary Compote, and a Easy Peasy Blackberry Sorbet, and it’s all Vegan too.

Blackberry, Almond and Chocolate Crumble


The Crumble

100g Alsan, or Butter

100g Sugar

150g Flour

50 g grated Dark Chocolate

75 g ground Almonds

a good pinch of Salt

about 2 dessert Spoons Cocoa Powder

The Berries

4 handfuls Blackberries

about 2 dessert spoons of Sugar

about 1 dessert spoon of Cornstarch


1. Preheat the Oven to 180 Degrees.

2. Rub all the Ingredients for the Crumble together, until it looks like Breadcrumbs.

3. Mix the Berries with the Sugar and Cornstarch in a bowl, then divide between 4 greased Ramekins. Top with the Chocolate Crumble and bake for about 15 Minutes, or until the Blackberry Juice starts to bubble up at the edges like an erupting Volcano. Allow to cool slightly.

Blackberry and Rosemary Compote


2 dessert spoons Vanilla Sugar

4 handfuls of Blackberries

2 Rosemary Stems

A little White Wine


1. Put the Vanilla Sugar in a frying pan with a little Water and on a high heat let the Sugar dissolve and the Water evaporate until the Sugar starts to Caramelise. Before it gets to dark in colour add a very generous splash of White Wine and allow that to reduce.

2. Add the Blackberries and one stem of Rosemary. Moving the Blackberries to one side of the pan, reduce the liquid until it’s thickened and sticky in it’s consistency.

3. Remove from the heat, remove the Rosemary stem and add fresh finely chopped Rosemary to the Berries. Allow to cool.

Blackberry and Vanilla Cream


100ml Oat Cuisine

2 – 3 Handfuls of Blackberries

1/2 Vanilla Pod

a Splash of Lemon Juice

about 2 dessert spoons Vanilla Sugar


1. Put the Oat Cuisine, the Sugar, Blackberries, and Seeds of the Vanilla Pod in a Saucepan and bring to the boil. Allow the Blackberries to cook gently.

2. Once they have softened, purée the cream and the Berries, and then put the mixture through a sieve to remove the Blackberry Seeds. Add a splash of Lemon Juice and taste for Sugar.

Very quick Blackberry Sorbet


1 very Ripe Banana, peeled, cut into slices and frozen.

2 – 3  handful Blackberries, puréed and put through a sieve to remove the Seeds. Place in the freezer for about 40 minutes.

a little Maple Syrup


In a mixer add the frozen Banana, the ice cold Blackberry Purée and a drizzle of Maple Syrup. Whiz quickly and thoroughly together until the fruit has combined and is creamy. Taste, add more Maple Syrup if desired. Serve immediately.

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