Fennel Salad

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Fennel Salad

This is so quick, light, and fresh. It’s a salad that we did a lot during my apprenticeship and it’s a Salad that I continue to make again and again. It’s a great way to serve Fennel, and can even convert the most avid Fennel Dislikers into Fennel Lovers. Serve as a side to a green Salad and it goes really well with Fish. It’s great to use a Mandolin here if you have one, because the extra thin slices of Fennel make it all the more delicious.

Serves 1 – 2


1 medium Fennel Bulb

2 Tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Olive Oil



Take your Fennel. If the outer leaves are a little brown or woody in places, use a vegetable peeler to remove those parts. Chop the Fennel Stalks off, reserving any of the Fronds for later (you could use the stalks in a home-made Vegetable Stock or Soup). Cut the Fennel in half, remove the core and then using a mandolin or a sharp knife slice very thin slices of Fennel. The thinner the better for this dish!

Put the Fennel in a bowl and pour over the Lemon Juice. It’s important to do this quickly as the Fennel will oxidise and turn brown once it is sliced. Add a glug of good quality Olive Oil to the Fennel and a good pinch of Salt. Mix well together. Check for seasoning, roughly chop the Fennel Fronds and add to the Fennel and then serve straight away. Simple and Delicious!

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